Why rely on a friend or questionable pet sitter while you go on vacation or travel for business? We offer a number of safe and affordable boarding options so that you may enjoy your vacation knowing your pets are in good hands.

Our trained kennel attendants provide tender loving care for your pets, including personal attention and supervised outdoor play time to make your pet feel comfortable.

We provide each guest with comfortable bedding and offer a complimentary bath following a seven night stay. We feed Science Diet Sensitive Stomach to our boarding guests every morning and fresh filtered water is available at all times. Clients are encouraged to bring any special diets from home and may request more frequent feedings. We also offer discounts for extended boarding stays of thirty days or more.

Boarding Packages

Boarding Canine Classic Kennel– This includes elevated kennels with grates to keep the dogs off the floors and dry should he or she accidentally spill his or her water, two supervised outdoor sessions, and our TLC package (for an additional fee) adds two more outdoor sessions and Science Diet treats each day.

BoardingCanine Destination Themed Suites – Each suite includes a television tuned to Animal Planet, six daily outdoor sessions, and Science Diet treats. Most suites have windows, and many have webcams that clients may access online (for an additional charge.)

BoardingFeline Classic Kennel – This includes two-level condos (available on a first-come, first-serve basis). The additional TLC package allows two daily visits to the TLC playroom where they may exercise and explore, and this also includes daily Science Diet treats.

BoardingFeline Themed Suites – Our spacious New York themed suites are decorated, roomy, and have multi-level lounging. Guests receive three daily visits to our TLC playroom and Science Diet treats. Call our office to reserve your cat's next vacation in one of our Kitty Palaces.